ARCAID's Architectural Photographer of the Year Award

Earlier this month, I was very pleased to find out I'd been shortlisted for the Architectural Photographer of the Year Award by ARCAID. Specifically, I was shortlisted in the 'Buildings in Use' category, which I was especially pleased about because it's documenting how the buildings are being used that gets me most excited.

My work was exhibited, alongside the other shortlisted folk, in Singapore during WAF and will go on show in London early next year as well.

Big thanks to Andrew T Cross of An Architecture for commissioning me to photograph his Shangri La structures at Glastonbury Festival this year and providing me with the stage for the winning photo!

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The Rest is Silence / dreamthinkspeak / May 2012

Two years ago I met Tristan Sharps for the first time to discuss an adaptation of Chekov’s the Cherry Orchard that he was planning with his site-specific theatre company, dreamthinkspeak. Much of the meeting was shrouded in secrecy and I had to swear not to repeat anything outside of the room we were in. Tristan described to me how he was planning on taking over the former Co-Op department store in Brighton (formally the largest department store in the city) and turn it into an amazing set over four floors. I thought it was incredibly ambitious, but the conviction with which Tristan spoke about it left me in no doubt he’d pull it off.

The production, “Before I Sleep”, was a huge success, critically acclaimed, the run was extended twice and still sold out and was the hit of Brighton Festival that year. I documented the project from start to finish.

Earlier this year I met with Tristan again so he could take me through his plans for an adaptation of Hamlet, “The Rest is Silence”. I can’t go into it too much as the show is still on, but I’ve seen it and it was an incredible immersive experience with some great performances from the cast. Once again, Tristan and dreamthinkspeak have pulled it off. You can read some glowing reviews on The Guardian, The Independant, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.

I documented the production, from rehearsals and the construction of the incredible set, to the performance itself and nowm since these images have been used a fair bit in the national press, I think it’s safe to show them! Click "Read More" for the full selection...

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Elly Ward / The Great Glass Divide / April 2012

A couple of months ago, Elly Ward got in touch with me on twitter as she had seen me tweeting about a stay at Living Architecture’s Shingle House in Dungeness. Elly was going to be the guest at the house immediately after us and I think she was just checking up to see what kind of state we were leaving it in. Elly is currently studying MA Architecture at the RCA alongside a friend of mine, Digory Macfarlane. Digs was part of the team that designed and built the Southbank Bandstand I shot last year. Small world!

Anyways, as part of her project this year, Elly has been working on an Illusion Booth – once she started telling me about it, I was dead interested and offered to take a few photos of it for her. First up, here’s Elly’s description of the project (click "Read More" for more images and info)…

‘The Great Glass Divide’

“This project was a 1:1 material test for an architectural programme of reflective and allegorical therapies at the propositional ‘Moral Rehabilitation Centre’."

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Bromley Portraits / Bromley / March 2012

I am an architectural photographer. I specialise in this area and 99% of my work is buildings. That said, like many photographers, I get asked to photograph all kinds of things on the basis I can work a camera pretty well. Weddings especially. I tend to pass these briefs onto other photographers best suited for the job, then I go back to photographing wonderful buildings that don’t blink on the shutter or complain that you got their double-chin in the image. That said, every now and again a proposal comes in that really interests me.

When Jenny and Bryony approached me with a project they were working on for their company, Hunter-Gatherers, I was caught by their brief for portraits of small business owners in Bromley in the environments they work in as they said they were looking for an architectural photographer to do the shoot. They were talking about creating a very structured, strong, architectural, environmental portrait style.

The images ended up being used in an exhibition to highlight Bromley’s independent shop scene (click "Read More" for more images)...

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