The Chapel at MIT by Eero Saarinen

Earlier this month I went over to Boston, Massachusetts to scout some locations for an upcoming shoot. Whenever I have to go abroad for things like this, I like to try to put aside a day and arrange in advance to visit and photograph a work of architecture, just for fun (well, it's fun to me). Boston has an embarrassment of great architecture, but I decided to go and visit Eero Saarinen's chapel at MIT. I was not disappointed.

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The Stirling Prize, 2015

I was commissioned by The Architect's Journal to produce a series of short films on each of the 6 nominees for the RIBA Stirling Prize. This year was one of the most interesting shortlists I'd seen for a while - less of a focus on the 'iconic' and more on craft and details. It was also incredibly diverse, with a Maggie's Centre for those dealing with cancer sitting alongside a school, social housing alongside a museum and gallery, private housing and university buildings.

I travelled to Lanarkshire, Manchester as well as across London to document the projects and meet the architects and the users of the buildings. Two things linked this diverse list; the first was the attention to detail, all these projects are truly crafted. The second was that no-one wanted to pick a winner!

Still, a huge congratulations to AHMM, Morag Myerscough and Burntwood School on winning the Stirling Prize, 2015, for a wonderful collection of buildings that display a huge range of architectural skill. Here's all six videos I created, plus some stills I shot on site too...

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The Jam: About The Young Idea

I was born in 1981, when The Jam were at their peak. They broke up in 1982, so obviously I don't remember them at the time, but their impact was huge. So many of the bands I was getting in to in my teens were very very obviously influenced by Weller's lyrics and the band's sound, and songs like 'That's Entertainment', 'Start' and 'Going Underground' were mainstays in Brighton's indie discos.

So when Anthony Burrill called to see if I'd be up for doing stills and video of Somerset House's new exhibition on The Jam he'd been working on with Simon Jones Studio and Teo Connor, my response was of course a cool and collected "I'll check my calendar" and definitely not a shouted "HELL YES!!!"

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Photos: The World's Press at The Serpentine Pavilion, 2015

As enjoyable as it was, photographing this year's Serpentine Pavilion on Press Day (you can see images and a video here), most of the morning was spent in an ongoing game of avoiding being in other photographer's photos / waiting for other photographers to get out of the way. Not being a press photographer, this isn't really something I'm used to and in the absence of a looming deadline, Jack and I decided to just photograph the photographers and film crews instead. Here's a few of the images...

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Photos and Videos - Craft and Architecture on Savile Row

Almost two years ago now, Stephen Pey from EPR Architects approached Edward and I with a project that he described himself as a "labour of love" - a new mixed use building on London's Savile Row clad in almost 10,000 hand glazed ceramic tiles, created in a spirit of true collaboration. Edward and I had recently formed Stephenson / Bishop, combining his film making skills with my background in architecture to create films on the built environment. Stephen's brief to us was to follow the life of the tiles, from inception with EPR, to the creation of the unique glazes by Kate Malone to being hand glazed by Rich Miller and his team at Froyle Tiles in Sussex and finally to installation on Savile Row. This series of 4 short films, plus the photos, are the result of our documentation...

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