The Aquatic Centre / London / July 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to be commissioned to photograph on the Olympic Site a couple of times in the last few months, concentrating on Allies & Morrison’s Press Centre Buildings. This has been really interesting, to see how the site has developed over time and we’ve been able to have a bit of a look at the other buildings on site on the long, long walk back to the entrance / exit gates on the way out. Hopkin’s Velodrome is as elegant in real-life as it is in it’s photos, Populus’ Main Stadium is far more impressive than I expected from the vis work and Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Centre looked stunning before those additional cheeseblock seats where wheeled in (which, we should all remember, are to be removed).

I went over there yesterday for the Diving World Cup and took my trusty Lumix GF1 with me so I could take a few snaps. It’s a bit odd to be photographing architecture on such a small camera, with no tilt-shift lenses or tripod, but quite liberating. Here’s a few examples (more after clicking "Read More")…

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The Rest is Silence / dreamthinkspeak / May 2012

Two years ago I met Tristan Sharps for the first time to discuss an adaptation of Chekov’s the Cherry Orchard that he was planning with his site-specific theatre company, dreamthinkspeak. Much of the meeting was shrouded in secrecy and I had to swear not to repeat anything outside of the room we were in. Tristan described to me how he was planning on taking over the former Co-Op department store in Brighton (formally the largest department store in the city) and turn it into an amazing set over four floors. I thought it was incredibly ambitious, but the conviction with which Tristan spoke about it left me in no doubt he’d pull it off.

The production, “Before I Sleep”, was a huge success, critically acclaimed, the run was extended twice and still sold out and was the hit of Brighton Festival that year. I documented the project from start to finish.

Earlier this year I met with Tristan again so he could take me through his plans for an adaptation of Hamlet, “The Rest is Silence”. I can’t go into it too much as the show is still on, but I’ve seen it and it was an incredible immersive experience with some great performances from the cast. Once again, Tristan and dreamthinkspeak have pulled it off. You can read some glowing reviews on The Guardian, The Independant, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.

I documented the production, from rehearsals and the construction of the incredible set, to the performance itself and nowm since these images have been used a fair bit in the national press, I think it’s safe to show them! Click "Read More" for the full selection...

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The Serpentine Pavilion / London / June 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to the press launch of Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei’s new Serpentine Pavilion in London. Every year the Serpentine gallery commission a new summer pavilion by one of the top architects in the world, and this year the Swiss duo rekindled their partnership with Ai Weiwei that had worked so well on the “bird’s nest” Olympic stadium in Beijing.

The images I took were used by Dezeen on their piece about the pavilion, so I’ll leave it to them to go into more detail on the building. More images after the click...

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The Cutty Sark / London / May 2012

Last month I was commissioned by Grimshaw Architects to photograph their new work on the Cutty Sark, London.

The historic ship has been undergoing a huge amount of work in it’s Greenwich dry dock over the last few years following a fire that gutted it and I'd been keeping an eye on it from afar for a while as I have two other projects I’m working on in the area – Conran & Partner’s new Greenwich Pier buildings and the construction of Heneghan Peng’s new architecture block for Greenwich University. Like most people in England, I’d visited the famous tea clipper on a school trip. I’d not been back since I was about 8 years old so the shoot for Grimshaw bought back lots of school trip memories – I got my packed lunch and set off, excited about the novelty erasers and oversize pencils I might spend my pocket money on in gift shop.

My images of the project have been featured across the press, including on the cover of AJ, and features in Architecture Today, the Guardian, The Times, on Dezeen and many many others. Here’s a selection of them (after clicking "Read More")...

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2012 / London / May 2012

This year I was commissioned by Elspeth Rae at Clerkenwell Design Week to cover the annual three day festival in London and to get photographs of as much of the exciting designers, creations and activities as possible. The weather came good for us and it was three days of solid sunshine. I was working alongside two other photographers, Mark Cocksedge and Ashley Bingham with Phillip Vile covering the evening events (so Mark, Ashley and I could relax and have a beer!). Generally speaking, I work alone on jobs (occasionally with an assistant with me) so working in a team was a bit of a novelty for me and I really enjoyed it. Between us, we worked three very long days, covered a helluva lot of stuff and had a good time doing it!

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Mark, Me and Ashley

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