The Ecology of Colour / Dartford / December 2012

One of my final jobs of 2012 was to head over to Dartford to photograph Studio Weave, and Nous Vous, collaborative project, The Ecology of Colour. Je from Studio Weave and I had been talking about photographing the project for a while but we'd been continuously unlucky with the weather! Finally, we decided to just go for it, with plans to revisit in the Spring when the leaves are back, the sun is shining as there's plenty of folk using the project. More images after "Read More"...

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Berlin / Busman's Holiday / November 2012

At the end of November (after a manically busy month!), Fi and I took a short trip to Berlin. Purely accidentally, we ended up taking in a lot of great architecture, including David Chipperfield's Neues Museum, Mies Van Der Rohe's Nationalgalerie and Kino International. More images after "Read More"...

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Photowalk / December 2012

Every now and again, I meet up with a couple of good mates and head out on a photography safari. This time around Finn Hopson and I welcomed Andy Matthews down to Brighton for a wander along the coast.

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Gala Bingo Hall Demolition / Brighton & Hove / Summer 2012

Just down the road from my home in Brighton & Hove, there’s an abandoned former cinema and bingo hall. Or at least, there was.

The former Gala Bingo Hall on Portland Road, Hove, had been empty for longer than I’d lived in the city (so at least 12 years). The art deco building had become a bit of a local landmark, but all agreed something desperately needed to be done to it, or to the site it sits on. Unfortunately, the conversion from cinema to bingo hall in the 1980’s ripped any soul, or semblance of cinema’s heyday, out of it. The interiors that had once been quite grand, had been replaced by tacky stucco and a suspended ceiling. Last month demolition finally started on the building to clear the site and make way for much needed new housing by Affinity Sutton and Conran & Partners.

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Affinity Sutton to create a historical record of the demolition process. Here’s some of the images, from start to finish (click "Read More")…

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The Aquatic Centre / London / July 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to be commissioned to photograph on the Olympic Site a couple of times in the last few months, concentrating on Allies & Morrison’s Press Centre Buildings. This has been really interesting, to see how the site has developed over time and we’ve been able to have a bit of a look at the other buildings on site on the long, long walk back to the entrance / exit gates on the way out. Hopkin’s Velodrome is as elegant in real-life as it is in it’s photos, Populus’ Main Stadium is far more impressive than I expected from the vis work and Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Centre looked stunning before those additional cheeseblock seats where wheeled in (which, we should all remember, are to be removed).

I went over there yesterday for the Diving World Cup and took my trusty Lumix GF1 with me so I could take a few snaps. It’s a bit odd to be photographing architecture on such a small camera, with no tilt-shift lenses or tripod, but quite liberating. Here’s a few examples (more after clicking "Read More")…

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