Seaside Estate / Sussex / Winter 2010

I honestly can’t remember when it was that fellow photographer (and mate) Adam Bronkhorst and I went for a road trip. Possibly 2010. I’m guessing at October, but it could just have easily been March 2011. Anyway, that’s a pretty boring debate. What happened was, Adam is putting together a couple of books to be published later this year and he needed to shoot as much as possible for that. I’d been told about this odd psuedo-deco estate along the Sussex coast, so we headed out there.

And it rained.

A lot.

Anyways, I was incredibly incredibly busy at the time and had forgotten about the shots I took of the estate. I just rediscovered them (at half nine on a Wednesday night whilst listening to the footy on the radio) and thought I’d pop them up on the blog. I’d love to head back sometime and do a proper shoot around the place.

More photos after the click...

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