Lightbulb - Red Deer

For Jim and Edward's next Lightbulb video, they spoke with Red Deer, an open design collaborative, formed by three guys from the same commercial practice. They cite one of their key strengths as they way each member bring their own distinctive approach to the design-making process, despite their similar commercial experience.

Posted by Lou

Red Deer operates as a workshop, drawing on these various disciplines and interests to reanimate design. Inspired by an eclectic mix of surrealism, craftsmanship, making, painting, film, and digital processes, the group make sure that they critically engage with the materials, details and project briefs as a group, so that they process remain an 'open discussion', rather than following one set path.

Lightbulb is a series of short films made by Jim Stephenson and Edward Bishop, which takes a different artist, designer, craftsperson or group each week and explores the ideas and workplaces behind their practice.

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