Lightbulb - We Made That

Continuing with Jim's Lightbulb project with Edward Bishop, the pair interviewed We Made That, a young and energetic architecture and design practice formed in 2006 by Oliver Goodhall and Holly Lewis. The practice has a strong portfolio, which is comprised of an eclectic mix of architecture, landscape, art, research and publishing, and which has a strong engagement with the local community.

Posted by Lou

Focusing on working with local authorities or cultural clients, Oliver and Holly focus on the ways in which their creative outlook can benefit their local community. Along with their small team, We Made That is a research led practice, engaging with the larger overall project brief, but also the ways in which smaller interlinked initiatives and support groups can help to boost their public schemes. In order to fully understand the background to their projects and to better inspire their ideas, the pair are keen to 'unearth' key elements of the working area, so that their projects fit more organically with their new surroundings.

To keep up to date on all their news and projects, visit the We Made That website

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