Lightbulb - Philip Cooper

Recently, Jim has been collaborating with film maker Edward Bishop on a series of short videos for a project called Lightbulb. Combining their various experience and talents, Stephenson / Bishop have worked together to for a host of clients, including Sou Fujimoto and the Serpentine Gallery, Carl Turner Architects, Studio Weave, and many more, to create films on architecture and the built environment. Building on this partnership, they've started creating the weekly Lightbulb series, a host of 90-second films that feature an interview with a different artist or designer each Friday. The series focuses upon the inspirations, processes, and working environments of various designers, craftspeople and artists.

Posted by Lou

This interview features Art Director Philip Cooper, whose idiosyncratic portfolio ranges from the Restaurant on the Roof at Selfridges, to smaller scale quirky installations. Cooper's work is very narrative-driven, focusing on the storytelling aspects and potential of his creations. His imaginative renderings of client briefs have created his signature style, yet his work is very much content driven. By creating stories around his subjects, Cooper allows projects to evolve organically, rather than forcing them in any particular direction. Focusing on developing his own practice, rather than following current trends, Cooper has been praised for his theatrical, and often surrealistic renderings of commercial environments.

To see more of Philip's work, visit his website

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