Kew Gardens

The first days of spring seem the perfect time to reflect upon some of last year's uncharacteristically warm weather. On a rare day off from his busy summer schedule, Jim packed up his trusty GF1 and headed up to Kew Gardens. It was a beautiful day to explore Marks Barfield's Tree Top Walkway and John Pawson's Sackler Crossing bridge.

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Posted by Lou

The elevated Tree Top Walkway by Marks Barfield Architects runs at an impressive 18m high and 200m long. The walkway's 12 segments are each connected by a circular platform, allowing the walkway to wind closely through the tree canopy. The steelwork and chestnut wooden structure has been treated so the textures fit naturally within the surroundings, and offers visitors a chance to get a closeup of the local wildlife, including tawny owls, woodpeckers, kestrels, parakeets, and bats.

Also part of the Botanical Gardens, John Pawson'sSackler Crossing is a water-skimming route that weaves across the lake, offering visitors a unique vantage point of the landscape. The posts that run the length of the walkway are made from the same bronze used to make military submarine propellers, whilst the granite decking resembles railway sleepers. The bridge was constructed specifically to direct visitors to areas of the gardens that were seldom visited, including the Evolution House, the Japanese Minka House, and the Bamboo Garden.

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