My 2013 via Instagram Photos

2013 has been a pretty good year all round. I've been given the chance to travel the UK, Europe and the World to photograph some amazing architecture (all in the name of work...) and generally had more fun with my photography than ever before. I've been looking back through my Instagram feed for the year and thought I'd post some of the pictures up on my blog, of the places I've been to, people I've been with and things I've seen...

Rights grabbing scandals aside, I love Instagram. I've written before on my blog of my general dislike of cameras and I've frequently chatted about (ranted about?) my love of 'snapshot' photography over pints in the pub. Instagram brings these two things together - I don't need all my bulky professional kit on me, I can just snap away on my phone and share photos there and then. PLUS, I get to check out the photos from my friends, and see what they're up to (mostly eating better breakfasts than me, it would look like). A lot of the folk I follow are photographers and it's doubly interesting to see their photos on Instagram - usually more relaxed and informal than their professional or art work I know so well.

Fireworks from Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party (under commission from An Architecture to photograph their stages and tents there), and a friend's wedding.

The wonderful curves and structures from Marks Barfield's Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens, Brighton Marina's flyovers, Bblur's new Gibraltar Airport and the Pantheon, Rome.

Felix the Cat in Liverpool's Bluecoat, a nesting bird, Fi amongst the laundry at Fabrica and a Roman Stature at Montemartini Museum, Rome.

An especially smug whale at the Natural History Museum, another exhibition as part of Liverpool's LOOK13 festival, the V&A in preparation to open another show and Thomas Heatherwick in the Pompidou Centre.

On a shoot for Studio in the Woods with Andy Matthews, the London and Paris skylines.

Fi in the Italian sun, amongst faces at museums in Brighton, London and Rome.

The omnipresent David Bowie (at the V&A and the Miniclick Christmas Party), a new batch of Northern Soul 45s and the new bar in the new home.

Fi admiring Chris Floyd's work at Space @ Create, bits from Paris Photo and Clerkenwell Design Week and the runway at Bblur's Gibraltar airport.

Neon signs at the Pompidou, lights at Clerkenwell Design Week, SOM's model of London and NEON's installation at Topshop.

It's behind you at The Natural History Museum, dRMM's endless stair, Carl Turner's Slip House and the stairs at Allies & Morrison's offices.

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