The Temple at Secret Garden Party

Having just recovered from Glastonbury, Jim was pretty excited to be visiting Secret Garden Party to photograph The Temple the second project he's worked on for An-Architecture this summer. Always keen to work for Andrew T. Cross, and experience his unique mix of art and architecture, Jim packed up and set off to explore this temporary lake-side construction.

In keeping with the festivals ethos of creating something outside of the mainstream, The Temple was born out of a keenness to explore the holistic side of architectural construction. Created as a space for festival-goers to take time out, The Temple was situated at the end of a short jetty which led visitors out over the lake. A perfect spot to take a break away from the legendary Secret Garden Party madness, the space included a central chandelier made up of 100 hanging paraffin lanterns inside the reclaimed timber beams. A perfect place to have a breather.

Posted by Lou

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