Studio Weave - Barbican Highwalks

Jim has done a fair bit of work for Studio Weave in the past, and has always enjoyed photographing their distinctive and idiosyncratic projects, so he was excited to see these new enhancements to the Barbican estate. Studio Weave began works on two sites, Ben Johnson Highwalk and Saint Giles Terrace, which are part of the estate's Highwalk network.

Keen to preserve the original 1970s geometry of the space, Studio Weave set about rekindling some of the original character of the areas that had become rundown over time. Rather than see the spaces used as simple through route or overspill areas, the Studio Weave team were keen that both areas become somewhere that people would want to congregate and spend time.

To read more about Studio Weave, their projects, and their range of bespoke Barbican-specific furniture, visit their website

Posted by Lou

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