Shangri-La at Glastonbury 2013

Earlier this month I headed off to Glastonbury to take some photos of the heaven and hell stages at Shangri-La, designed by long time client (and friend) Andrew T Cross from An-Architecture. I've worked with Andy on projects in the past and it's always good fun and a bit different to your usual shoot. When I turned up he showed me to the backstage camping area and then bought me a 2 litre bottle of cloudy cider before giving me a tour of the stages he'd designed and built on site.

It was my first time at Glastonbury and there was just about enough time to get the shots sorted out and still get out and about on the site, and take in some of the bands. You hear about the size of the site, and see the aerial photos of it, but when you're actually walking from one side to the other, you realise quite how massive it is. It's basically a medieval city, with more hippies. And the Rolling Stones.

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