Weekly Photos 002

It didn't take long for me to forget to do this 'regular' weekly post. My plan is to post an image of mine that isn't necessarily your traditional architectural photograph, and then an image by another photographer that I've enjoyed lately.

First up, it's an image I took when checking out the opening of the new Wandle Park in Croydon as part of a year-long commission from Croydon City Council to document the built environment changes occurring in the area as the huge financial investment filters through. Croydon's Council bucks the trend a bit for local authorities and they're generally just a bunch of really enthusiastic folk who are passionate about architecture and their city.

Away from the architecture, I noticed this lad hiding amongst the fun fair prizes...

The image from another photographer comes from Frenchman Charles Freger. Freger has journeyed all across Europe, documenting the costumes of local mythical creatures and exploring the human fascination with myth, ritual and tradition. The project is fascinating and he's had a great book published by Dewi Lewis.

I also run the Miniclick Photography Talks and we're releasing Issue#2 of our publication on August 14th, which will include more images from Charles' series.

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