Architectural Photography Masterclass for the V&A

Last weekend I was invited by the V&A to run an architectural photography "masterclass" (their words, not mine) at the museum. Always nice to be asked, so I packed up my kit, wrote down some notes and headed up there to mould some minds.

There was 6 people in all taking part, plus Jasprit Singh from the V&A to help out and Erin Nicole Johnson who is interning at the museum whilst researching her MA Degree. It was a good bunch who all got along well and were eager to learn (I think).

The first two images in this blog post were group efforts. We spent about 40 minutes on each one, setting up the shot and working out all the finer details.

That's the gang working out where to have Jasprit, Erin and I stand in the image. Photo by Erin Nicole Johnson.

One of the added bonuses of running a workshop at the V&A is that you get permission to wander around the museum and use a tripod, so I took the chance to take some photos of my own whilst there...

I have to say a big thank you to Erin Nicole Johnson and Jasprit Singh, Mairin Kerr, Irini Papadimitriou and Alex Flowers from the V&A for all their help. A a nod, of course, to those who signed up as well. Cheers to Jack Hart, Andrew Kafkaris, Rasha Shammas, Neil Stevenson, Sylwia and the mysterious Carlos...

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