Sou Fujimoto's 2013 Serpentine Pavilion / London

This year, thanks in no small part to Ludwig Abache (thanks Ludwig!), I was asked to document the construction of the Serpentine Pavilion, by Sou Fujimoto. Today was the press view so after a couple of months of wading around in site boots with a hard hat on, I headed down in my sunglasses to photograph the finished project.

I had high expectations, partly from seeing the project take shape, but also because Sou Fujimoto is an architect I really admire. I wasn't disappointed! Here's a few from today. Video (including an interview with Sou) and construction shots to follow.

Incidentally, and off topic, I'm uploading these images on Matthew's Yard wifi - a fantastic, independant cafe / theatre / events space / work place in East Croydon. Well worth a visit!

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