Weekly Photos 001

I think once a week I'm going to try and post one of my images that might have skipped under the radar, coupled with an image by another photographer whose work I've been really getting into lately.

By 'skipped under the radar' I mean bits of my architectural photography that aren't destined for magazine covers - shots that I really like that show a different side to my work, or outtakes, or personal projects. All those bits.

First up, it's a shot of Oliver Heath's Yum Yum Ninja project - a new restaurant in the middle of Brighton.

Sometimes photographing restaurants can be a bit tricky. I always like to get people in my shots, but there seems to be something really personal about eating out. Not that most people ever really want someone standing around taking their photo when they're going about their business, but when eating, folk seem especially camera shy. In turn, it feels pretty rude to be taking their photo when they're having a nice night out. I deal with it though...

As you can see from the rest of the shoot, I did get some people in, but in this shot I wanted to show signs of life. An empty table, before being cleared, after a private party had left. It reminded me of a chat I had with John Pawson last year about the difficulties of showing people in architectural photography - he talked about how sometimes showing a sign of life, implying the building is in use, might be enough.

And, for someone else's work, both Lou (who co-curates the Miniclick Photography Talks with me) and I have been obsessing a little about Alma Haser's Cosmic Surgery project lately. It's stunning and well worth looking into more. Alma photographs her subject and then creates an intricate piece of origami from the print of the portrait. The origami is then laid onto another copy of the print, and re photographed. This one is called "Cassie".

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