Gala Bingo Hall Demolition / Brighton & Hove / Summer 2012

Just down the road from my home in Brighton & Hove, there’s an abandoned former cinema and bingo hall. Or at least, there was.

The former Gala Bingo Hall on Portland Road, Hove, had been empty for longer than I’d lived in the city (so at least 12 years). The art deco building had become a bit of a local landmark, but all agreed something desperately needed to be done to it, or to the site it sits on. Unfortunately, the conversion from cinema to bingo hall in the 1980’s ripped any soul, or semblance of cinema’s heyday, out of it. The interiors that had once been quite grand, had been replaced by tacky stucco and a suspended ceiling. Last month demolition finally started on the building to clear the site and make way for much needed new housing by Affinity Sutton and Conran & Partners.

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Affinity Sutton to create a historical record of the demolition process. Here’s some of the images, from start to finish (click "Read More")…

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