Bromley Portraits / Bromley / March 2012

I am an architectural photographer. I specialise in this area and 99% of my work is buildings. That said, like many photographers, I get asked to photograph all kinds of things on the basis I can work a camera pretty well. Weddings especially. I tend to pass these briefs onto other photographers best suited for the job, then I go back to photographing wonderful buildings that don’t blink on the shutter or complain that you got their double-chin in the image. That said, every now and again a proposal comes in that really interests me.

When Jenny and Bryony approached me with a project they were working on for their company, Hunter-Gatherers, I was caught by their brief for portraits of small business owners in Bromley in the environments they work in as they said they were looking for an architectural photographer to do the shoot. They were talking about creating a very structured, strong, architectural, environmental portrait style.

The images ended up being used in an exhibition to highlight Bromley’s independent shop scene (click "Read More" for more images)...

from top to bottom, left to right…

Stephen Mayatt, Royal Mail Bromley / Margaret Noms, Tom Bell’s Fish & Chips / Bimal Shimal, Sultan Restaurant / Jean-Paul Oliver Palin, The Belly Bar Tattooing & Piercing / Simon Hayday, Jewellery Repair

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