Small Batch Coffee / Brighton / March 2011

I’ve always wanted to get into drinking coffee, if not just to give me something I can rely on in the morning to give me a kick start. Unfortunately I just don’t like it, as much as I try. I don’t really even drink tea so my mornings take a while to get going because all I have is Shreddies, cold showers and orange juice to get me started. Anyways, those of my friends who do enjoy coffee tell me that Brighton based, Small Batch Coffee are great. They recently opened their new Coffee Shop on Wilbury Avenue in Hove and they got Chalk Architecture in to design the new space in a former flooring showroom (if memory serves me correctly?).

A lot of the building work was done by friends of Small Batch and a large proportion of the materials are seconds from other larger projects Chalk have worked on. You see this quite a lot on small projects like this with mixed results and it’s a great credit to Chalk and Small Batch that it looks so good here. The finishing and detailing is great, helped by some good design choices and some very high quality materials (the wood paneling is beautiful). The golden gnome stools are a cracking touch to.

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